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Vice-President of the Portuguese Parliament @ Haifu Medical
2019-09-01 13:09:00

On the 28th of August, Mr. Jorge Lacão, Vice-President of the Portuguese Parliament, paid a visit to Chongqing Haifu Medical. He was fascinated to see the magic of HIFU technology via the FUS/HIFU phantom. He was intrigued by the focused ultrasound surgery of no cutting-open, no bleeding, organ-preserving extracorporeal delivery for benign and malignant tumors. 

He expressed appreciation for our system integrating R&D, engineering, manufacturing, clinical application, on-site training and telemedicine. In addition, he was amazed to know that there have been so many Haifu Focused Ultrasound Tumor Therapeutic Systems installed in Europe, especially that this technology has been applied in Spain for over ten years while there’s been none in Portugal as its neighbor! He said he hoped to see this noninvasive technology of HIFU delivered in Portugal soon and benefitting Portuguese.