President Messages

What we`ve been doing is to offer newer and better therapeutic opportunities to our patients. Every staff member in Haifu, therefore, faces a corporate undertaking rather than a simple job. Frankly speaking, we need time to reach the peak of our business, and first we have to set up a Haifu concept according well with the marketing law. 99% of a task has succeeded, for which much more efforts have been exerted, however, all of the painstaking efforts will probably fail in vain because of the rest 1%. Newer and higher should be the objective of Haifu.

New frequently emerging technologies suggest the speedy development of the society. An explorer must lay himself out to seek for innovation. Only innovation does help an enterprise survive and develop.

We are now working intently to open a new field, since a pause has ended the past success like a stop ends the sentence. We should always have level-headed understanding from the beginning to the end, that the achievement should be left behind and our only choice is to start from a new starting point, another zero point.

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