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H.E. Ann Derwin, Ireland's Ambassador to China
2024-05-27 22:45:00

2.jpgOn 21 May 2024, H.E. Ann Derwin, Ireland's Ambassador to China, and her delegation visited the National Engineering Research Center of Ultrasound Medicine and Chongqing Haifu Hospital.


Professor Rosie Xing, head of the International Academic Affairs of Haifu Medical, gave a warm welcome to Ambassador Derwin and her delegation and then presented a detailed introduction to Chongqing Haifu Hospital and the non-invasive focused ultrasound ablation technology. Based on the concept of “treatment——minimizes harm to patients”, the technology has helped tens of thousands of women save their uterus, and there are now Haifu babies (babies delivered by women who received HIFU treatment before pregnancy) all over the world.


In the Focused Ultrasound Treatment Room, Ambassador Ann Derwin observed a case of multiple uterine fibroids being treated by Prof. Chen Wenzhi, Chief Medical Specialist of Haifu Hospital. Ambassador Ann Derwin, who has a background in healthcare education, carefully observed the treatment and fully affirmed the accuracy and effectiveness of treatment.



Ambassador Ann Derwin said that the Focused Ultrasound Ablation technology not only has significant advantages in treatment, but more importantly, it is important for the protection of women's fertility. This helps to enhance women's quality of life and well-being. She also appreciated the unique advantages of Haifu Hospital in terms of medical technology and humanistic care and believed that it is more like a mind and body healing home rather than a hospital in the traditional sense.


It is reported that Ambassador Ann Derwin visited Haifu Hospital on 29th July 2022, and this time the ambassador and her team visited again in order to understand the details of the focused ultrasound ablation procedure more accurately, so as to promote academic exchanges and scientific research cooperation in the field of focused ultrasound between the two sides, and to introduce the advanced equipment of Chongqing Haifu Hospital into the Irish healthcare system at an early date, so as to let the majority of patients benefit from the cutting edge technology.