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Seapocare Model-CKC100 Ultrasound Therapeutic Device for Involution of Uterus 



Involution of Uterus

Principle of Focused Ultrasound Therapy

Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound is a form of mechanical energy that can be safely transmitted into living tissue as high frequency acoustical pressure waves and can be focused at targeted tissues such as uterus. The micromechanical stress produced by pressure waves will result in rhythmic contraction of uterine smooth muscle, accelerating postpartum uterine involution, including promotion of  fundus decline, lochia discharge and pain alleviation. 

Clinical and Technical Advantages

1. Direct stimulation of uterine smooth muscle causing rhythmic contraction

2. Non-drug treatment, no side effect on lactation

3. Significant alleviation of postpartum pain

4. Ergonomic design

5. Patient friendly treatment<span style="text-align:left;font-family:" font-size:12px;"="">

Package Price: one hundred and fifty thousand US dollars ($150,000) to two hundred thousand US dollars ($200,000)