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Patient Volunteers from Korea and China met in Chongqing
2014-10-10 09:18:00
On Oct 8th, 2014, a special meet-and-greeting of patient volunteers from Korea and China met in Haifu Hospital, Chongqing China. The volunteers come from two online Forums, the “HIFU Café” ( in Korea and “SaveWomb” (; ) in China.  They are/were patients suffered from uterine fibroids or adenomyosis and then treated by HIFU therapy, now helping other patients by sharing their experiences and provide advices. 
The meeting
Before the meeting, Korean volunteers visited the National Engineering Research Center of Ultrasound Medicine, the leading center in focused ultrasound research and Haifu Hospital, the first Hospital advocating “Treatments- minimize harm to patients”. They were impressed by the progress of the technology and clinical application made in China and globally. 
Visit to National Engineering Research Center of Ultrasound Medicine
This meeting aims at communication of “how to help others through our forum”. Both side shared their stories and how they help others. They talked about the anxieties the patients facing, and common concerns about HIFU treatment and changes made in daily life after treatment, these experiences they shared and advices provided are important information for every new patient. After this meeting, the Korea and China sides have both gained some new way to better the forum from each other.
During the meeting, Mr. Jiang Gang, the CEO of National Engineering Research Center of Ultrasound Medicine and General Manager of Haifu Medical awarded a Korean activist in the Forum, for her contribution in advocating HIFU noninvasive therapy and great help to other patients.
Award to Korean activist in HIFU Forum
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