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Haifu got high praise from the president of Bulgarian National Assembly
2013-12-17 13:20:00
On 14th of December 2013, the Bulgarian parliament delegation led by the president of Bulgarian National Assembly visited Chongqing Haifu Medical Technology Co. Ltd.

Mr. Peng Xiang, who is in charge of international European region introduced the theories and advantages of ultrasound ablation, a series of ultrasonic treatment equipment, their clinical application in Europe to them.

The St. Mary's hospital in Levin, Bulgaria introduced the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound and the Model-CZF Ultrasound Therapeutic Device for Gynaecology at the end of 2012, they have successfully cured 100 benign or malignant tumor. Now Haifu hospital and St. Mary's hospital are applying science and technology cooperation project between Bulgaria and China. The president of Bulgarian National Assembly was really happy about that, he spoke highly of HIFU technology and expressed the hope to cooperate more with Haifu.
(The visitors were viewing the phantom demonstration of ultrasound ablation)
What is worth mentioning is when the screen played the vide about St. Mary's hospital introducing HIFU which was shot by the national television and the new-year blessing video to Haifu from medical staff of St. Mary's hospital, all the visitors felt really cordial, the Bulgarian national television reporters also felt surprised and thrilled.

After that, the Bulgarian national television reporters had a on-site interview of Haifu staff, they hoped more Bulgarian could know about this high-technology from China.
(Haifu receiving interview from the Bulgarian national television reporters)